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Oddbods: Pogo Popper

It's time to collect tons of candy in Oddbods: Pogo Popper. Team up with Pogo while he pops tons of balloons in this really fun Oddbods game!

Newt has a real sweet tooth, and she's craving lots and lots of candy. Pogo is determined to help her get her hands on tons of it in this skill game based on Oddbods, the popular animated TV series. There's plenty of super yummy sweets attached to a bunch of balloons, but getting to them is a bit tougher than it might seem. There's a few barriers and some of them even move! You may have to hit a few buttons to make them scoot out of the way.

Fortunately, Pogo has a slingshot. Help him use it to pop the balloons so all the candy will fall down to where Newt can nab it. There's also plenty of points you can earn in each and every level along with stars, too. Those will help you unlock special bonus games. Can you earn enough points to rise to the top of the leaderboard?

How to Play Oddbods: Pogo Popper?

Oddbods: Pogo Popper is an absolutely adorable action game. Join Pogo while he uses his slingshot to pop a series of balloons in each level. One of them is attached to a piece of incredibly delicious candy. His friend Newt will grab and eat it once it falls to the ground.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim and shoot a pebble from the slingshot.

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Who Developed Oddbods: Pogo Popper?

Oddbods: Pogo Popper was created by One Animation.