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Extreme Speed

Will you be able to handle this truly tough track? Jump into a race car and put the pedal to the metal in Extreme Speed!

The track is lined with really intense turns, so you'll need to drift through each one to avoid crashing into the walls. Hang on tight while you search for speed boosters and coins during each thrilling competition in this racing game. Can you stay in the race longer than the other drivers?

How to Play Extreme Speed?

Extreme Speed is an exciting online game where you’ll join a racing competition to see who can keep driving for as long as possible. You’ll need to maneuver through difficult turns while you rely on speed boosters to stay ahead of your opponents.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to drift.
  • RELEASE to stop drifting.

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Who Developed Extreme Speed?

Extreme Speed was created by LoraStudio.