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Fairy Café

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Fairy Café

Betty the fairy has just opened a pretty little cafe! Can you help her keep the fairy customers happy?

How to play Fairy Café

Click and drag the customer to lead them to a table. Click the table to take the customer's order. To serve an order to a customer, click the item she ordered and then click her table. When a customer leaves, click any golden gems left as payment. You will unlock additional menu items and objects later in the game. For cakes, click the cake that was ordered, and take it to the table when the chef finishes making it. Once you obtain a sweet machine, you can give sweets to impatient customers. Once you obtain a coffee machine, you can drink coffee to make you work even faster. Once you obtain an ice cream machine, click the right colour of ice cream to complete an order. This also applies to the chocolate machine; just select the right shape. When you obtain a jukebox, you can click the music to make the customers happier.

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