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Electricman 2: Stickman Fighting Game

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Electricman 2: Stickman Fighting Game

Have you got the power to rise to the top in Electricman 2? The Tournament of Voltagen is about to get underway. 

You’ll have a shocking good time after you choose a fighter and dive into your first clash. Use their amazing powers to eliminate all those who stand between them and victory in this epic stickman game. You’ll be able to fling electric bolts at a variety of cunning enemies ranging from Replicants to Cirian Guards. Don’t forget about your battery meter, however. You’ll only have so much power at your disposal. 

How to play Electricman 2? 

Electricman 2 is an action game that will send you straight into the Tournament of Voltagen, an exciting fighting competition. You’ll face an awesome array of enemies as you attempt to become the new champion. 

Game controls

  • PRESS D to use a grab move.
  • PRESS S to use a kick move.
  • PRESS A to use a punch move.
  • PRESS Q to use a slow-motion punch move.
  • PRESS W to use a slow-motion kick move.
  • PRESS E to use a slow-motion grab move.


  • A variety of cool fighting moves. 
  • Save your progress with the password system. 
  • Customisable fighters. 
  • Skills levels that are a great fit for new players and more experienced ones, too. 

What are the tips and tricks for Electricman 2? 

  • Use the training course at the beginning of the game to familiarise yourself with the controls and different moves. 
  • Slow motion and flip moves are helpful but will quickly drain your battery. 
  • Combining a move with a dash will result in a powerful attack.

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Who developed Electricman 2? 

Damien Clarke designed Electricman 2 and it was released by DX Interactive.

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.