• Penguin Diner
    Penguin Diner
    Seat your penguin customers, take their orders, serve them and take the money!
    Played 107 times
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  • Funny Food Face
    Funny Food Face
    Click on an item of food, drag it onto the plate and create a funny face!
    Played 68 times
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  • Fast Food Fiasco
    Fast Food Fiasco
    Switch and match the fast food to banish the unhealthy fast food from the screen!
    Played 66 times
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  • Snake Classic
    Snake Classic
    Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch walls or its own tail!
    Played 27 times
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  • Little Chef
    Little Chef
    He's a flash of white on the city streets, the master of food on the run... he's Little Chef!
    Played 21 times
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  • Shop till You Drop
    Shop till You Drop
    Study your list carefully and catch the correct food items in your cart!
    Played 11 times
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  • Java Kitchen
    Java Kitchen
    Learn about Indonesia while cooking some Indolicious food.
    Played 9 times
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  • Big Burger Server
    Big Burger Server
    Use your cool food machine to dish up burger after yummy burger!
    Played 10 times
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  • The Candy Trap
    The Candy Trap
    The siblings were foraging for food when they fell into the witch's trap...
    Played 3 times
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  • Dino Babies
    Dino Babies
    Wait for your baby to hatch, give it food and milk and lull it to sleep.
    Played 7 times
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  • Fish Food
    Fish Food
    Collect the food to keep your fish alive, but avoid the sharks!
    Played 3 times
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  • Salad Dodger
    Salad Dodger
    Collect junk food whilst avoiding salad.
    Played 1 times
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  • Jumping Troll
    Jumping Troll
    Control the mushroom to bounce the Troll and collect all the foods!
    Played 1 times
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  • HK Cafe
    HK Cafe
    Cook the food as people order as quick as possible.
    Played 8 times
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  • Santa Fartypants
    Santa Fartypants
    Help Santa deliver the presents through the chimneys by using his fart powered pants. Look for gaseo...
    Played 4 times
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  • Top That
    Top That
    Test your efficient food service skills in Mech-Droid's new high-tech fast food service simulator!
    Played 8 times
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  • Tasty Food Memory
    Tasty Food Memory
    Good enough to eat? Tasty enough to remember?
    Played 25 times
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  • Planet Eater
    Planet Eater
    Gorge your way around these strange planets where everything smaller than you is food!
    Played 5 times
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  • Bueno Rufus
    Bueno Rufus
    Rufus is un beaver muy loco! Can you squirt toppings quickly enough to keep up with his insanely fas...
    Played 5 times
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  • Leftovers
    The food has gone bad. Stomp on it before you start puking!
    Played 12 times
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