Cake Games

  • Pie Eater
    Pie Eater
    Played 0 times

    This furry superhero loves to fill his tummy with lots of sugary desserts. Join him while he goes in search of tons of delicious pie in this puzzle game.

  • Wedding Cake Factory
    Wedding Cake Factory
    Played 45 times

    This busy cake shop needs to hire another baker. Do you think that you can handle all of their customers? You’ll get to find out in this wild time management game.

  • Glossy Cupcakes
    Glossy Cupcakes
    Played 48 times

    Be the cupcake baker you’ve always wanted to be in this brand new cupcake creation game, Glossy Cupcakes! Make delicious cupcakes right on your browser!

  • Strawberry Shortcake: Pie Recipe
    Strawberry Shortcake: Pie Recipe
    Played 277 times

    Strawberry Shortcake wants to show you how to bake a pie in this 2D online game, Strawberry Shortcake: Pie Recipe. Follow her east instructions for a delicious pie!

  • Sofia the First: Queen Miranda Palace Sweets
    Sofia the First: Queen Miranda Palace Sweets
    Played 49 times

    Princess Sofia is of royalty and daughter of Queen Miranda, but that won’t stop her from having such delicious sweets! Create your own sweet with Sofia today!

  • Decorate Cake
    Decorate Cake
    Played 48 times

    Decorate the loveliest cake for the best of any occassion! Choose the cake colour, icing, toppings and candles for the best fun in cake decoration!

  • 4th of Jly: cake surprise
    4th of Jly: cake surprise
    Played 60 times

    Everyone in America loves the 4th of July! So why not get creative as you celebrate with friends and family in this fun game, 4th of July: Cake Surprise!

  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Played 36 times

    Make, bake and decorate the most delicious chocolate hearts this Valentine's Day! The perfect gift to celebrate love!

  • Frozen and Monster High Cake Decor
    Frozen and Monster High Cake Decor
    Played 32 times

    Help the Monster High gals decorate their freaky unique cake! Wait, Elsa and Anna also need your skills! Decorate both cakes with your favorite characters with your unique talent. Choose the tier, color of the frosting, the patterns and finish it with the perfect topping! Don’t you just love high tea with your favorite characters? Control: Use the mouse to play.

  • Carrot Cake Shindig
    Carrot Cake Shindig
    Played 110 times

    Whip up a heavenly icing for your scrumptious carrot cake!

  • Cherry Cupcakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Cherry Cupcakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 41 times

    Bake a divinely swirled sweet cherry cake!

  • The Perfect Wedding Cake
    The Perfect Wedding Cake
    Played 21 times

    Cutting the cake is everyone's favourite wedding moment, so make it picture perfect!

  • Cake Rollers
    Cake Rollers
    Played 1 times

    The cutest turtles bake the best cakes in this cake rolling factory.

  • Cake Swap
    Cake Swap
    Played 39 times

    Have you got a serious sweet tooth? Then you'll find this game simply delicious!

  • Cake of Fun
    Cake of Fun
    Played 29 times

    Each furry little critter wants a different kind of cake. Can you keep up with their orders?

  • Pancake Pileup
    Pancake Pileup
    Played 1 times

    The Moodi is always hungry, but he can't beat a determined pancake piling pro!

  • My Dream Cake
    My Dream Cake
    Played 14 times

    Design your dream cake! Make it fancy or keep it simple. No matter how you slice it, cake is always yummy...

  • Cuddly Cake Maker
    Cuddly Cake Maker
    Played 23 times

    Build a delicious cake, layer by layer. Add the toppings and presto! You have a custom-made cake!

  • Little Dessert Cakes
    Little Dessert Cakes
    Played 40 times

    With a little practice, decorating yummy pastries will be a piece of cake!

  • Cake Bakery
    Cake Bakery
    Played 21 times

    Even pastry chefs get the flu... that's when they call for backup from their magic sugar drop assistants!

  • Cake Maker
    Cake Maker
    Played 27 times

    No party is complete without a mouth-wateringly delicious cake...

  • Cake Collapse
    Cake Collapse
    Played 1 times

    These leaning towers of sugary goodness definitely unbalance a balanced diet!

  • Cup 'n' Cake
    Cup 'n' Cake
    Played 48 times

    Show you can run a great cafe and serve your customers efficiently and with the correct order!

  • Shaquita Pancake Maker
    Shaquita Pancake Maker
    Played 1 times

    Make your mouth water and create these colourful and delicious pancake creations!

  • Cupcake Maker Game
    Cupcake Maker Game
    Played 37 times

    Decorate your cupcakes like a professional chef to earn money as a master baker!

  • Shaquita Halloween Cake Maker
    Shaquita Halloween Cake Maker
    Played 88 times

    Help Shaquita surprise her friends when she makes the coolest Halloween cake ever seen!

  • Indian Pancake House
    Indian Pancake House
    Played 12 times

    Prepare delicious pancakes and serve as many customers as possible!

  • Strawberry Cake Builder
    Strawberry Cake Builder
    Played 1 times

    Time your throw precisely to land the strawberry on the cake!

  • Cake Catcher
    Cake Catcher
    Played 1 times

    Catch falling cakes and sweets, score points and go to the next level.

  • Oh My Cake
    Oh My Cake
    Played 45 times

    Find all the insects in the room and go to the next level.

  • Fruit Cake Decoration
    Fruit Cake Decoration
    Played 29 times

    Decorate your cake in a way you like!

  • Cake Shop Décor
    Cake Shop Décor
    Played 5 times

    Put all cakes on the shelves.

  • Kitchen Queens
    Kitchen Queens
    Played 189 times

    Mix ingredients in the bowl, bake a cake and decorate it following the pattern.

  • Cake Factory
    Cake Factory
    Played 143 times

    Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.

  • Fairy Cooking
    Fairy Cooking
    Played 28 times

    Prepare your cake, put it in the oven, decorate and sell it to your clients.

  • Bake a Cake
    Bake a Cake
    Played 87 times

    Mix right ingredients together and bake a cake, then decorate it.