To play these games, you must have the latest versions of these plug-ins: Java, Shockwave, Flash.

Click here to check if you have the latest versions of these plug-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. The game is not working (properly). What should I do?

This can be due to several things. Please check all these points carefully.

  1. For the online games you need to have three (free) software programs installed correctly on your computer: Java, Shockwave and Flash. Check your plugins with the link at the top of this page Check if your browser has the latest version of these plugins to make sure you have (the latest version of) this software on your computer.
  2. Some games only work properly in the browser Internet Explorer (IE). Try playing the game in IE if you are not using IE now. Other games might function better in the alternative browser Firefox, which you can download on Get Firefox. Or, if you're using a MAC, on: Get Firefox.
  3. It is possible that the game is not working, because your internet connection is too slow. Some of the games may take several minutes to load on a slow connection.
  4. Some games are linked to the website of the developer. If that site is having problems, it may happen that the game is not working properly on our website. Often, the game will work fine again the next day.
  5. It might also be that your firewall settings are too strict and don't allow cookies. Most of our games will try to place cookies on your computer. You may want to consider to change the settings of your firewall for our website.

2. A game worked fine at first, but now it doesn't. What should I do?

Java probably hasn't been properly installed. You can solve this by following these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Choose Extra
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose Security
  • Click Custom level

Choose "Enable" wherever the word "Java" is mentioned.

Also adjust the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Choose Extra
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose Advanced

Make sure to tick "Java (sun)" and to untick "Microsoft VM". If this had no effect, please try to play the game in the alternative browser Firefox (use the link to download this as in question 1).

3. I want Games.co.uk to be my homepage. How do I do that?

To install Games.co.uk as your homepage, please go to Settings in the Start menu. Choose Internet Options. Fill in http://www.Games.co.uk/ in the field. Click Apply and then OK.

4. How can I add a game to "My Games"?

When you find a game that you really like on our website, you can save it under My Games. Beneath every game, you will find a grey button that says Add to My Games. If you click on this button, that game will be added to your Game Page. Please bear in mind that this works only on one computer. Like your computer at home. It will not work on a shared computer like the one at school or at work.

5. I purchased a game, but I have not received the mail with my registration code. When will I receive it?

You should receive a response mail with the registration code within an hour. If this is not the case, please check your junk mail or spam box. With this registration code, you can download the game onto your computer which will enable you to play the game all the time. Please hold on to your email with the registration code, so you can play the game again after reinstallation of your computer. It could also be that the delivery of your game is delayed, because you have requested the game on CD. In that case, it may take up to 4 weeks before the game arrives. Please be patient.

6. Can you do something about the amount of Korean/Chinese games?

Although we understand that most of you don't speak Korean or Chinese, our first aim is to put high quality games on our website. These are often developed in China and Korea. Then again, we would like to have more English games on our site, but there simply are not as many high quality English games. For that reason, we have a mix of English and Chinese/Korean games.

7. Can I lower the sound of the game?

Some games have the option to lower the sound or to shut it off, but most of them don't. If it really bothers you, lower the sound level of your computer system or shut it off entirely.

8. I would like to exchange my link/banner with you. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we don't exchange links or banners with anybody. All ads on our site are commercial. If you are interested in putting your ad on our website, please click on the homepage on Advertise.

9. Can I play your games with a joystick?

Please note that the controls for our games consist of the keyboard and mouse of your computer. It is not possible to play them with a joystick or any other game equipment.

10. Can I subscribe to your site?

It is not necessary to subscribe to our game portal. You can just click and play the game of your choice immediately. It is only for a limited amount of games that you will be asked to complete the information, but this is optional.

11. Can I download these games to my mobile phone?

The games on our portals are not meant to download on your mobile phone. Of course, if you have a phone with internet connection, you might be able to play them, but it is not what the games are intended for.