• Sliding Block Puzzle
    Sliding Block Puzzle
    Rearrange the blocks to get the red block to the exit.
    Played 164 times
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  • Polkafriz
    It might be icy now, but it’s going to get a LOT hotter if you don’t cool those volcanoes asap.
    Played 11 times
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  • Ninja Painter 2
    Ninja Painter 2
    These guys take the art of the ninja literally.
    Played 14 times
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  • Rush Hour 2
    Rush Hour 2
    Get your car to the exit point.
    Played 56 times
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  • 3 Slices
    3 Slices
    Any way you slice it, this game will challenge your physics skills for sure.
    Played 38 times
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  • Aquacubes
    Pull the rows into place to form a group of 4 or more items of the same kind and fill the fuel gage ...
    Played 8 times
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  • Egypt Puzzle
    Egypt Puzzle
    Clear the board by forming matches of 3 or more bricks.
    Played 20 times
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  • Isora
    Control the red block and step on each tile once to return to where you started!
    Played 13 times
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  • Jungle Squares
    Jungle Squares
    You can achieve numerical order if you use good planning and strategy!
    Played 7 times
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  • Warehouse Worker
    Warehouse Worker
    Puzzle your way through the warehouse to get it in tip-top shape!
    Played 25 times
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  • Truck Loader 4
    Truck Loader 4
    Any warehouse manager would kill for a heavy-duty hero like this to move the goods.
    Played 10 times
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  • Deep Reef
    Deep Reef
    The schools of fish are in a muddle in this fishy game; can you sort them out?!
    Played 8 times
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  • Blockout
    Blockheads need not apply: this game runs on brain power!
    Played 6 times
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  • Pixelosis
    Warning: staring at this game too much can lead to pixelosis, a rare form of fun!
    Played 7 times
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  • Jolly Pop
    Jolly Pop
    A star-obsessed hedgehog could use your help...
    Played 1 times
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  • I Lost My Egg
    I Lost My Egg
    The chick lost his egg. Help the egg find this way to the chicken.
    Played 28 times
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  • Zodiac Tower
    Zodiac Tower
    Put the right shapes on the Zodiac stones to make them disappear.
    Played 4 times
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  • Duck Tiles
    Duck Tiles
    Bath time has never been so baffling! Can you work out how to get the ducks to the plug holes?
    Played 4 times
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  • Biklo
    Every block has its mate... although joining them is sure to frustrate.
    Played 7 times
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  • Caesar Pizza
    Caesar Pizza
    From Palermo to Pisa, the best pizzas come from Italy!
    Played 4 times
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