Point & Click Games

  • Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Played 5242 times

    Return to Candyland for an exciting trip up the puzzling slopes of Choco Mountain.

  • Daily Jigsaw
    Daily Jigsaw
    Played 6223 times

    Get your daily dose of jigsaw fun with each one of these puzzles.

  • Bubble Town
    Bubble Town
    Played 2586 times

    Grab the cannon and find out how quickly you can pop all of these bubbles.

  • TextTwist 2
    TextTwist 2
    Played 8253 times

    Rearrange the letters to make words. You must find a word that uses every letter to complete the level!

  • Jewel Academy
    Jewel Academy
    Played 36302 times

    Enjoy match-3 gameplay at its finest! Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game! Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete.

  • Bubble Charms
    Bubble Charms
    Played 1952 times

    How high will you go in this bubbly puzzle game?

  • Super Babysitter
    Super Babysitter
    Played 4913 times

    See what activities you have in your room to keep the baby madness under control until the parents return!

  • Daily Sudoku
    Daily Sudoku
    Played 1265 times

    Put your sudoku skills to the test with this series of challenging puzzles.

  • 1001 Arabian Nights 7
    1001 Arabian Nights 7
    Played 2110 times
  • Cookie Connect
    Cookie Connect
    Played 924 times

    Connect cookies to serve your customers and make them happy. Can you fulfil the hungry bear’s cookie cravings? Dozens of puzzling levels in this fun and playful matching game.

  • Bubble Shooter
    Bubble Shooter
    Played 37520 times

    Clear all the bubbles from the board by shooting at them with other bubbles of the same color!

  • Fruita Crush
    Fruita Crush
    Played 1733 times

    Fruita Crush is a fruitful match3 game where you have to combine lots of tasty fruits. Jump in fantastic worlds and master over 100 challenging levels. Connect 3 fruits or more, collect as many points as possible and activate all bonus fruits to beat the highest score. Can you master all levels?

  • Bubbles Shooter
    Bubbles Shooter
    Played 2160 times

    Join three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them! Can you clear all of the rows from the grid?

  • Bubble Shooter Classic
    Bubble Shooter Classic
    Played 49882 times

    Bubble Shooter will have you addicted from the very first bubbles you shoot down. This is a timeless game that still remains challenging. Though seemingly simple enough for children, this engaging game has remained at heart for players of all ages. The goal is to remove all the bubbles from the screen by carefully aiming your own bubble to hit and knock down a group of three or more same colored bubbles. Adjust your winning strategies in each game! The more bubbles you remove in one shot, the more points you score, and the closer you get to becoming the master bubble shooter!

  • Bingo World
    Bingo World
    Played 1566 times

    A whole new version of the popular game of chance! Choose your Bingo destination, New York, Shanghai or Paris? Match the number on your card and when you have a line...Bingo! Earn extra points for pairing squares too. Ready to push your luck? BINGO!

  • Solitaire FRVR
    Solitaire FRVR
    Played 28547 times

    There’s a reason why Solitaire is one of the world’s most popular parlor games. Are you ready for a few rounds?

  • 2020!
    Played 3945 times

    Can you fit all of these blocks on the table in the correct order?

  • 1001 Arabian Nights 4
    1001 Arabian Nights 4
    Played 1770 times

    Travel back to a land of mystery and magic for another round of exciting puzzles.

  • Penalty Shooters
    Penalty Shooters
    Played 7729 times

    And now it all comes down to this. Can you kick a few match winning goals?

  • 2020 Connect
    2020 Connect
    Played 2610 times

    How quickly can you crunch the numbers in this match 3 puzzle game? Link together the numerical tiles and clear the board.

  • Solitaire Frontier
    Solitaire Frontier
    Played 1679 times

    Travel back in time to the Wild West for this version of the classic card game.

  • Solitaire Quest: Pyramid
    Solitaire Quest: Pyramid
    Played 5190 times

    Discover the fortunes of the Pyramid in Solitaire Quest: Pyramid. Remove all the cards to win in the sequel to the popular Solitaire Quest: Klondike!

  • Piano Tiles
    Piano Tiles
    Played 1261 times


  • Riddle Transfer 2
    Riddle Transfer 2
    Played 989 times

    Be prepared for this brand new adventure school game, Riddle Transfer 2! You'll be playing for hours as your skills are put to the test in this brand new browser game!

  • 1010 Deluxe
    1010 Deluxe
    Played 1390 times

    Earn the highest score in this exciting and challenging puzzle game. How far can you make it?

  • Pumpkin Bingo
    Pumpkin Bingo
    Played 1621 times

    Try out this smashing bingo game and see if you can win big.

  • Cut The Rope Experiments
    Cut The Rope Experiments
    Played 1970 times

    The little green monster Om Nom is back and hungrier than ever! Team up with the Professor, a mad (but not bad!) scientist determined to study Om Nom’s candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments, 200 levels and more to come!

  • Wonderland
    Played 1016 times

    What mysteries await you in these forbidden places? Are you brave enough to unlock their secrets?

  • Daily Jigsaw
    Daily Jigsaw
    Played 1287 times

    Every day a new puzzle! Compete for the high score or just play for fun.

  • Mystical Match
    Mystical Match
    Played 1487 times

    Matchmaker make me a match! Play this fun and free match 3 game to unlock mysteries and powers by matching 3 or more of the same colored balls.

  • Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Played 4561 times

    Mmm…victory has never tasted so sweet!

  • Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Played 2763 times

    It’s time to return to the world’s sweetest jelly-matching game!

  • Candy Rain 2
    Candy Rain 2
    Played 1253 times

    Hands up who love pick 'n' mix?! Now get those hands down and put your thumbs to work…

  • Animal Coloring Pages for Kids
    Animal Coloring Pages for Kids
    Played 3184 times
  • Color Switch
    Color Switch
    Played 7112 times

    Never before will you face a more challenging puzzle game that will have you playing for hours! Color Switch will truly test your puzzle skills!

  • Dream Farm Link 2
    Dream Farm Link 2
    Played 848 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

    • Jelly Jam
      Jelly Jam
      Played 1142 times

      These jellies are enjoying a picnic in the park but they could really use a hand. Can you help them sort themselves out in this unique match 3 puzzle game?

    • Candy House
      Candy House
      Played 3792 times

      Step inside this sugary home for a super sweet puzzle challenge.

    • Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
      Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
      Played 2893 times

      Set sail for a mysterious island as this puzzling adventure continues.

    • Return to Riddle School
      Return to Riddle School
      Played 625 times

      You're back at Riddle School, but more prepared this time. Collect the items that you'll need to progress through and continue on your journey in this cool online game, Return to Riddle School.

    • Riddle School
      Riddle School
      Played 4726 times

      Help the boy escape from his school by exploring classrooms and using proper items.

    • Tap and Go
      Tap and Go
      Played 709 times

      This daring duck is about begin an exciting adventure. Can you keep him safe while he waddles through this dangerous kingdom? Help him avoid brick walls and cliffs while he collects coins in this skill game.

    • Fleeing the Complex
      Fleeing the Complex
      Played 937 times

      Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. Play as this stick figure that is imprisoned in a maximum security cell and try to escape at all cost!

    • Jelly Collapse
      Jelly Collapse
      Played 1388 times

      How quickly can you eliminate these stacks of bodacious blobs?

    • Pyramid Solitaire Express
      Pyramid Solitaire Express
      Played 5419 times

      Hurry up, ‘cause this train o’ fun is about to leave the station!

    • Bubble Hero
      Bubble Hero
      Played 1025 times

      Can you free each one of these mice from the bubbles before time runs out? They’d really appreciate it.

    • Gold Rush: Treasure Hunt
      Gold Rush: Treasure Hunt
      Played 2040 times
    • Stealing the Diamond
      Stealing the Diamond
      Played 832 times

      Sure, it sounds simple, but robbing this museum is gonna be pretty tough...