Time Management games

  • Frenzy Salon
    Frenzy Salon
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    How well can you multitask as a salon owner? Reach the target goals each day by giving the clients just what they need while you earn some well-deserved money!

  • Frenzy Mart
    Frenzy Mart
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    How well can you multitask in this busy supermarket? Reach the target goals each day by giving the clients just what they need in Frenzy Mart while you earn some well-deserved money!

  • Frenzy School
    Frenzy School
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    How well can you multitask as a teacher in a really busy school? Reach the target goals each day by arranging the students to their requried activities and earn some well-deserved money!

  • Zara's Elegance Studio
    Zara's Elegance Studio
    Played 0 times

    How beautiful can you make your customers? Find out in this amazingly fun hair stylist simulator, Zara’s Elegance Studio. Make each customer unique and stylish!

  • Cutie's Kitty Rescue
    Cutie's Kitty Rescue
    Played 687 times

    Cutie is running a kitty rescue centre! There's so much to do and she needs your help. Can you play with the sick kittens, give the food and heal them to health?

  • Laundry Manager
    Laundry Manager
    Played 295 times

    Laundry day isn’t always fun, but you got to have someone to manage it. Are you up to the task to become the best Laundry Manager?

  • Frenzy Bakery
    Frenzy Bakery
    Played 154 times

    A good bakery is never quiet or empty! Serve as many customers as you can and see how the cash flows!

  • Bernard's Hat Store
    Bernard's Hat Store
    Played 397 times

    Do you have the business skills to help Bernard succeed? Help him sell his amazing hats to customers and aim to achieve each goal of every level!

  • Princess Sofia Messy Bedroom Cleaning
    Princess Sofia Messy Bedroom Cleaning
    Played 198 times

    Princess Sofia needs help to clean her messy room! Her clothes, toys and shoes are all over the place! Mom Miranda asked the sweet princess to clean her own room. It is just so much easier and quicker if she can get some much needed help! Do you want to help Sofia to tidy her room? Put everything in its place and throw the trash in the bin. Cleaning can be so much fun with a princess!

  • Jenny's Fitness Center
    Jenny's Fitness Center
    Played 359 times

    Jenny loves exercise and gyms. That’s why she decided to open a fitness center. Running her own business is tough work. It’s extremely busy down there today and she could really use your help. Could you coach each one of her customers and teach them how to get into shape? Both you and Jenny are sure to have a blast in this time management game.

  • Pokemon Ice Cream Shop
    Pokemon Ice Cream Shop
    Played 40 times
  • Sewing Shop
    Sewing Shop
    Played 84 times

    Samira is opening up a new store devoted to sewing and she really needs your help.

  • Little Kids Business
    Little Kids Business
    Played 18 times
  • Girl on Skates: Pizza Mania
    Girl on Skates: Pizza Mania
    Played 97 times
  • Fast Food Takeaway
    Fast Food Takeaway
    Played 182 times

    Give your time management skills a workout while you build the ultimate fast food empire. Order up!

  • Girl on Skates: Paper Blaze
    Girl on Skates: Paper Blaze
    Played 35 times
  • Sasha's Health Spa
    Sasha's Health Spa
    Played 61 times

    Join Sasha on an invigorating journey to all of the world’s most elegant day spas.

  • Burger Express
    Burger Express
    Played 866 times
  • Ice Cream Club
    Ice Cream Club
    Played 165 times
  • Papa’s Cheeseria
    Papa’s Cheeseria
    Played 1077 times

    This rocker’s band just had their gear stolen. Now he’ll have to make some quick dough to buy replacements.

  • Delicious - Emily's New Beginning
    Delicious - Emily's New Beginning
    Played 668 times

    In Delicious - Emily's New Beginning, Emily's trying to combine running her restaurant with being a good mother.

  • Sami's Nail Studio
    Sami's Nail Studio
    Played 21 times

    Paint your customers’ nails to their requests and make sure that they leave your store happy and satisfied!

  • Notorious Inc.
    Notorious Inc.
    Played 23 times

    Travel the world and see if you can become a tycoon within this notorious company.

  • Shopping Street
    Shopping Street
    Played 923 times

    This town is looking for someone to build a super cool shopping street. Are you up to the task?

  • Laundry Day
    Laundry Day
    Played 88 times

    Every day is laundry day when you’ve got your very own laundrette!

  • Carnival Slacking
    Carnival Slacking
    Played 47 times

    It’s carnival time but Sara has to work. Can you help her have a splendid time without her manager finding out?

  • Sami's Pet Care
    Sami's Pet Care
    Played 31 times

    It’s quite busy at Sami’s shop today. Do you have any time to help her with all of these adorable pets?

  • Julia the Stewardess
    Julia the Stewardess
    Played 26 times

    It’s Julia’s first day as a stewardess. She could really use your help with her fussy passengers.

  • Bratz Baby Daycare
    Bratz Baby Daycare
    Played 225 times

    These toddlers can be a bit demanding. Are you certain that you can keep up with all of them?

  • Hospital Frenzy 2
    Hospital Frenzy 2
    Played 27 times

    It's quite busy down in the emergency department today. Can you help out?

  • Papa’s Donuteria
    Papa’s Donuteria
    Played 768 times

    You just scored a sweet gig at the doughnut shop in the theme park but can you handle all of these customers?

  • Airport Empire
    Airport Empire
    Played 62 times

    Running an airport is serious business. It’s also seriously fun!

  • Multishop Tycoon
    Multishop Tycoon
    Played 28 times

    Why start a business when you can turn your entire town into your business?

  • Frenzy Airport
    Frenzy Airport
    Played 39 times

    The fun part of a holiday isn't going to a tropical island, it's getting through security...

  • Once Upon A Life
    Once Upon A Life
    Played 37 times

    Grandpa is on a mission to collect Polaroids! Fortunately, he didn't leave his jetpack at home.

    • Rescue Panic
      Rescue Panic
      Played 32 times

      Vijay’s a race car driver. Now he’s got a new job driving an ambulance. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Chop! Chop! Chip Shop!
      Chop! Chop! Chip Shop!
      Played 306 times

      Mmm…fish and chips, the classic takeaway! Can you hack the pace and keep your customers coming back?!

    • Tinysasters 2
      Tinysasters 2
      Played 37 times

      The gods of civilisation are at play! Whose race will succeed?

    • Fishy Waters
      Fishy Waters
      Played 22 times

      Reel in a huge catch of fresh fish in this island paradise!

    • Cargo Shipment San Francisco
      Cargo Shipment San Francisco
      Played 23 times

      You’ve got to keep your wits about you when you’re controlling a crazy fleet of cars!

    • Amusement Park
      Amusement Park
      Played 78 times

      Think you can build a super-cool amusement park? Now's your chance!

    • Sushi Bar
      Sushi Bar
      Played 82 times

      Slice and dice your way to sushi stardom!

    • Frenzy Hotel 2
      Frenzy Hotel 2
      Played 24 times

      Can you handle all the tourists at this holiday hotspot? Put your organisational skills to the test.

    • Zombiemart
      Played 19 times

      There are zombies everywhere and they are really hungry! Prepare your supermarket to meet their demands

    • Zombies Inc.
      Zombies Inc.
      Played 20 times

      Haven’t you always wanted to build an army of zombies and take over the world? Well, now's your chance.

    • Papa's Cupcakeria
      Papa's Cupcakeria
      Played 2729 times

      A crash course in cupcakes?? That’ll be the icing on the cake…

    • My Beauty Spa Panic
      My Beauty Spa Panic
      Played 71 times

      Don’t panic! This luxurious spa has a tonne of customers waiting and they need your help, ASAP.